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Pinky Swear is all about being personal. Just as much as this holiday is personal to you, delivering a memorable and perfect holiday to you is personal to us. for this very purpose, we have gone to great lengths to curate experiences, villas and hotels that will give you exactly what you desire, and maybe even a little bit more.

Pinky Swear is a tour operator that goes a little beyond the traditional tour offers, to include the gay and lesbian travellers. The way we see it, we are that friend you could trust to deliver an unforgettable holiday of a lifetime! To help us do this for you, we have an island that is enriched with great smiles and heart-warming people who are very welcoming in nature to make sure you enjoy the little luxuries in the island, the same way they do it.

Our guarantee is that your tour is designed to give you exactly what you want, and may be a little bit more, while assuring you of absolute privacy, comforts and ample freedom (of course, with a few guidelines) to enjoy this special time away with your loved one. We will get as much details possible from you when we create your holiday tour itinerary to make sure we deliver this promise.

If you happen like any of the tour itineraries that we have featured on this site, you could get a price instantly without having to ask us! All you need to do is select the itinerary that you like, and mention the date you will likely arrive in Sri Lanka, et voila, a guaranteed price for two, together with the details of hotels and the places you will visit will pop up! If you like what you, simply fill in the details requested and click on Book Now, and let’s get this started!

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